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Who are we ?

Since 2006, 110 Volts, boutique vintage has been a concept aimed at lovers of fashion, accessories, objects and decoration that create the "old school" atmosphere of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Decoration, design, up-cycling & second hand, retro, beautiful flea market, curiosities, lamp and light fixture, Danish bread slicer, ethnic objects, small furniture and second hand objects... sometimes diverted, await you here in a pure and authentic vintage spirit !

110 Volts is an "online" sales site but it is also a real shop that is not virtual...

110 Volts awaits you at 24 rue de la Méditerranée in Montpellier.

From 1/02/2021, the store's opening hours will be significantly modified. To continue to guarantee a good supply and to adapt to changes in store traffic, the schedules will now be as follows:

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 10 a.m.-5.30 p.m.

Outside these hours: Do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment if you wish.


On weekends, the vintage flea market is closed to allow its supply!
The opening is however possible (with pleasure!) by simple appointment.


What's in 110 Volts?

To give a 50, 60 or 70 touch to your interior, 110 Volts offers, according to its discoveries:

  • lighting (floor lamp, wall lamp, desk lamp or suspension),

  • small furniture (seat, armchair, coffee table, formica…),

  • useful items (clocks, coat racks, mirrors, HiFi, crockery, etc.),

  • vinyl records (permanently a stock of 300 selected LPs),

  • decoration (enamel plate, old poster, ceramics, bistro tableware, etc.),

  • Danish bread slicers (for 15 years we have been distributors of "Raadvad" bread slicers picked up one by one and brought back to 110 volts from Denmark.

  • vintage accessories (glasses, handbag, sports bag, etc.),

  • industrial design, quality flea markets,

  • … and also a multitude of surprises and curiosities found for you !!!

Obviously all the objects offered are in good condition, complete and working.

110 Volts, an ECO-RESPONSIBLE company!

Making a purchase at 110 Volts is the assurance of having an Eco-responsible behavior... With us, there are no new and manufactured objects on the other side of the planet, but rather beautiful old objects, rich in a "know-how" most often  French, mostly "fleshed" less than 100 km from the shop and whose carbon cost has most often been amortized for a long time. Even ordered online, your purchases will remain environmentally friendly. Shipped in packaging exclusively from recovery and delivered to the nearest parcel relay on the boss's two-wheeler without motor!


110 Volts is also services!

PURCHASE ESTIMATE : 110 Volts is not a deposit sale but offers you the estimate and possibly the repurchase of all your old objects. The estimate is FREE and can be done on simple presentation of a photo or the object itself, at the store or at home if you wish. The estimate does not commit you, you remain free to sell or keep your property.

RENTAL . : Need accessories or furniture for setting up a window, organizing a party, filming a film, decorating a play? Contact us, all stock can be rented for one or more days.

RESTORATION REPAIR OF OLD LIGHTS : Do you know that an old light must be systematically checked and most of the time re-electrified in order to guarantee complete safety?

Indeed, after many years of use or storage, and because with an old lamp "you never know", it is IMPERATIVE to check the sockets, switches, sockets and electrical wires which tend to age very badly ( "hacking" from previous owners, humidity, excessive heat from bulbs, degradation of wires and especially of external insulation, significant heating of sockets make components obsolete and much less safe...and therefore your lamp potentially best a "good chataigne”, at worst a short circuit, an electrocution, a fire…).

With more than 15 years of experience in the sale and restoration of lamps, I offer you my services* for the restarting of your old lamps. I carry out re-electrification work, difficult passage of wires, change of socket, switch or socket, grounding etc etc… to be able to use them in complete electrical safety and therefore in 220 Volts!

Contact me for a quote (contact details below).

Note that all lights sold at 110 Volts benefit from these controls...

* I do not install and do not intervene on your domestic installation but only on mobile equipment (lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, suspension) if necessary consult an electrician.


Where is 110 Volts?

110 Volts is located a stone's throw from Place de la Comédie in the heart of the friendly Mediterranean district.
An authentic corner of Montpellier, in full revival, which deserves a little visit!

24 Rue de la Mediterranee 34070 Montpellier
P.: 06 81 95 86 13

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